, a young lawyer, befriends two students at a public university, Tom and Ashley, who introduce her to their study group headed by university professor and retired technology CEO Robert Bane. Then she learns about a plot to interrupt the government's servers. She wants answers, but she must decide which of three men she can trust. Two of them are friends, one from her past and one in her present. The third man is very determined to warn the public about the government's planned change of the Constitution, which will virtually take away the people's liberty of conscience. Just when she begins to trust one of them, he lies to her. Mr. Bane is soon arrested. Hope determines to rescue him, getting herself entangled in his desperate situation.
Soon a nation-wide dragnet is begun for her and Bane's group, and others like them, because they refuse to follow America's coercive new law. After a strange series of world-wide devastating natural disasters, the rest of the world sees the rationale of following the U.S. in making a similar law, with just as severe consequences for noncompliance. The media makes the dissidents appear dangerous, and they have nowhere to hide in the cities. Hope and the group become hated by the public and the government wants them captured and prosecuted to the fullest extent. Thousands try to flee the cities as government protection is not accorded dissidents. Then a huge bright glowing mass appears in the sky and just lingers there. The people panic and think it's a possible alien attack. Then most of the people in the world experience the effects of seven devastating plagues, while the dissidents do not, such as Hope and the members of Mr. Banes group. Why?

3 Angel Media
, a Christian film and media company, has a vision to produce an epic motion picture dramatizing a more accurate Biblical interpretation of the events leading up to and including the spectacular second coming of Christ. The warm action-drama is sure to appeal to a wide audience and is to contain beautiful original music and riveting visual effects.
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To the left, below the poster, is the information on how to obtain a copy of the story as a novel, in hardback, paperback or as an ebook. If you like what we're doing then you'll want to read the novel that has everyone who knows about it talking about it.

Below are a few testimonies from those who have read the story:

Jill (Baptist):

I read through the story and I really got excited about the storyline! I think it's going to be an amazing film production!

Jeff (Presbyterian):
It's so funny--I was just talking about the Bible's book of Revelation for the first time in years, so all of this felt destined.

Francine (Catholic):
I like the flow. I believe that if we all take this opportunity to examine ourselves and apply [what's in] this story, which is a teaching lesson, at the end of it all it will make us a better person.

Lily (Catholic):
My mom and I are both reading the story and are intrigued by it. I think that the story is well written and creative, and very uplifting. I especially love the action and descriptions. I like the way the different families experience the destruction to show how the issue affects everyone. I found that the characters really show a great individual personality. The creativity with the many other details made me think, wow this is really an interesting action filled story. I'm very excited about it.

Michele (Catholic):
As soon as I finished it I wanted to start reading it again. It is so full of information - I found myself doing a lot of additional research as I read through it because there was so much that was new to me. I think I was more intrigued by the issues. This makes me think that the movie will definitely appeal to different types of audiences. I found myself comparing the story to the film Avatar in that it would be a different experience for audience members depending on where they are on their journey. Those who are looking for a message will find the message, and those who are not ready for the message will see an action packed movie that provokes further thought. I was very happy that there were no explicit death scenes. I just want to share with you my favorite part - the part that truly hit something within me - with Hope and Jason in the patrol car. Hope's absolute faith was so comforting, so inspiring and so simple. It truly resonated in me. I am so anxious to see this story become a film.

David (Not a churchgoer):
I am still reading but loving every minute of it!! Very intense!! It just made me think...which is the best part of this story. Never have I ever wanted to read the Bible before reading this story. Truly AMAZING!!!

Paul (Non-denominational):
I greatly enjoyed the story and it really kept me at the edge of my seat throughout each read. This is a seriously important work, what I know will be a very intense and awesome reality.

Rose (Non-denominational):
I loved the way that God always provided for those who asked and had faith in Him towards the end of the story. I felt that it really reflected [future] events in the Bible beautifully. When I read in the story that God brings in people who begin to read His word, it made a lot of sense to me. As a relatively new Christian, I am always praying for people to come into my life and shed new light on my faith, and I still feel like I have a lot to learn.

Celeste (Non-denominational):
I have read the story (three times) and I think its really great. It was great to read a story that is truly thought provoking. There were a few parts that made me get out my Bible and do some research. It's a very thought provoking story.

Asha (Non-denominational):
The story is certainly intriguing. I appreciate its focus on important Christian issues. Hope is an incredibly sweet person. Ashley fascinates me as well. It's interesting (if sad) to see her begin as solidly set in the faith, then gradually slip.

Herbert, Th.D. (theologian and author):
This story is the most professionally prepared job I have ever seen. The interweaving sub plots are most professional. The creative imagination of the story is beguiling, compelling and most difficult to leave for a moment. The plot is fast-paced and holds attention easily. I must say with feeble words that this story will be a shocker and winner [when it becomes a film].

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